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Tempus Fugit

Recently, we were contacted with a brief to model a range of watches for Swiss Designers Haus Füssli. The brief was to show variants with three different motifs and accents for six designs. Additionally, for each design there were to be three variants; Scuba with a dive time bezel, Aviator with a time zone bezel and Drivers featuring a classic tachymeter bezel.


They supplied us with CAD data for each watch movement and the basic body of each as a rough component milled from a meta billet but without plating or finishes. We were also supplied with excellent 2D hand illustrations by their designers. Work got underway quickly with very little to question within the brief.



When we enquired about their preference of using CGI instead of traditional photography, they were quite clear that CGI will give them the following. More flexibility with lighting, accuracy and consistency with product variant shots, a cost effective alternative, and finally, as few of the models had been completed to a production finish, some needed to be created digitally anyway.


On delivery of all thirty-six final designs Füssli complemented us on the attention to detail, speed and quality of the work. In fact, they were so impressed they invited us to continue working with them. This time to create product shots for glossy print and digital images launching their new range.



The brief for these high end product shots was just as concise as the last one but neglected a guide for lighting. This allowed the Redhound Team to spread their wings a little and show off with a few lighting choices for the customer. All of the work was kindly accepted and there was very little rework or tweaking, in fact, the beauty pass in Photoshop was also surprisingly minimal for each image.


Füssli have been quite emphatic about using our services again for a seasonal campaign of the same models within the next six months as well as for work on further designs  scheduled for launch next year.


Many thanks go to Füssli for kindly selecting  some images and allowing us to show them. The images shown in this post are of the D-Series Scuba Chronometer in Jet and Pearl finishes ahead of their official launch.



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