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Exhibition and POS Design

Redhound Studios design and create images of exhibition stands, from very large footprint designs to small point of sale displays. We can be involved whether there’s just a loose brief or vague idea or exact specifications from CAD data.

Exhibition Concept Development
Bridgehouse Point of Sale Design

The development of conceptual design is relatively quick. We can help develop a concept in 3D from CGI roughs, refine the design and creating the final version. The conceptual work is not as expensive as is often thought and our experience in developing your ideas can be invaluable.

From our concept development, a model can be exported for use in CAD programmes and also used as a template for a construction blueprint in the case of a large design. At the smaller end of the spectrum, we can assist in the card engineering of a modest point of sale item. Although we’re not involved with the construction of exhibition work, we are partnered with several companies who can manufacture them. Please contact us for more details.