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Product Design

As a company with a heritage in Industrial Design, we realise that good design is not simply the ‘repackaging’ of an existing product. Style and innovation are as important as the engineering and manufacturing processes behind it. Our in-house design consultants can be engaged at any time in the product development cycle to create sharp, high-end photorealistic visualisation before a physical prototype has been commissioned. We can also design any mass produced object digitally, from domestic appliances to industrial technology and vehicles.

What’s more, we can assist companies to realise their vision for innovative styling and functionality with a keen eye on production and manufacturing costs. Many of our designs are taken into the physical prototype phase using Rapid Prototyping, the next stage before production engineering. Our influence can be seen throughout the process, from inception to production of the finished design.

We are often engaged by customers who find it invaluable to have an independent third party look at their project with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’. We can to instigate a new direction and sharpen their approach. Clients enjoy all of the benefits to this cost effective ‘boost’ to their design process and regularly return as repeat customers. What’s more, our first consultation is free and our enthusiasm and passion infectious. Try us now and experience for yourselves.