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Heimdall produce the safest and most advanced light tower on the market today. Managing Director Niall Wordsworth talks about using Redhound Studios in the launch of a new product:

“The design of our newest product was completed and we were assembling a prototype. However, we needed images showing what it looks life in reality as if it had already been built. CGI was the obvious way to conceive our creation.

Although we had created the design in CAD, the software included with the package for visualisation was acceptable but obviously computer generated. Besides this, our CAD engineers had neither the time nor the inclination to perfect the technique. It meant we had to engage an external supplier.


Redhound Studios had been recommended to us, so after a consultation with them we decided to ‘dip a toe in the water’ to see if they could supply the quality of work we required. We were so impressed with the photo-real studio shots that we commissioned further work in the form of a short movie showing how the new design functions. The movie allowed us as to show off our new product to international territories in amazing detail, transcending the boundaries of language. It told the story we needed without lengthy dialogue, diagrams and explanations – just a short, simple but dynamic visual.


We then thought that for additional support it would be a great idea to show the product in full use in various international locations. The costs of flying a photographer to these locations to the clients we had subsequently sold to would, although expensive, be worth it to achieve our marketing goals.

After further consideration, we consulted with Redhound Studios and decided to commission photo realistic montage images. These involved grafting images of our product seamlessly into stock photographs at various locations across the globe. The results had to be good enough to fool anyone looking at them. The results were amazing and this was not only a spectacular success but done at a fraction of that cost of the alternatives.

All in all, we have found CGI to be a vital and cost effective path to achieving our marketing goals. Redhound Studios were extremely helpful every step of the way. Their passion is contagious, as is their attention to detail. Dealing with them is an extremely positive experience, they listen well, suggest great ideas we can use and always seem to be there when we need them.  We currently have new and innovative designs in development, and we will be involving Redhound Studios without any reservations at all.”

The final work by Redhound Studios can be seen at: