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Boss Cabins

Matthew Wordsworth, Sales Director at Boss Cabins who are leading manufacturers of portable welfare cabs selling worldwide. This is what he had to say about our services.


We have a great product range and wanted to get as much as we could out of a new marketing campaign for web, print and client presentation. However, we faced several challenges in showing our products with traditional means:

  • Firstly, the products are physically large. The cost of a big studio shoot would have been comparable to an automotive shoot for a major car manufacturer.
  • Secondly, the interiors limit what could be achieved with normal photographic lighting. And again, the costs of a shoot are considerable.
  • Thirdly, we needed a dynamic way of showing the functionality of our product. Previously, this involved video footage of a member of staff demonstrating the product outside the factory. This was perfunctory and not very inspiring.
  • Finally, we needed a solution that would not interrupt our own staff from their normal day-to-day duties.

We consulted Redhound Studios.

They offered us a range of services which not only met our marketing requirements but took up very little of our time and budget.

They supplied us with photorealistic studios stills, cutaway illustrations suitable for large print and full HD movies showing deployment of the cabins and all interior and exterior functionality.

Once the 3D models were built and approved for the stills, they were also used for animation. This made the whole project more cost effective.

The fantastic results produced by Redhound Studios have put us well above our competitors in terms of communication.

An added benefit is that when we release a new model, Redhound have already built many of the elements required for CGI. We don’t have to ‘re-invent the wheel’ for each new model. This makes CGI and Redhound Studios extremely cost effective for us going forward.

As a company, Redhound Studios are highly professional and always go the extra mile. Their work is crisp, fresh, modern, appealing to the eye and shows products in a neutral, undistracted environment. Redhound really made our range shine, and they seem to show as much commitment to our products as we do ourselves. In other words, they pay attention to the things that matter to us. Redhound Studios staff are also very easy to deal with, and their experience and input is invaluable.

Now that we regularly use CGI as a key marketing tool, we have an ongoing relationship with Redhound Studios. This is based on their ability to produce professional results with the minimum time investment from us.”

Mathew Wordsworth – CEO, Boss Cabins

You can find all the work Redhound Studios have produced for Boss Cabins here: