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Data Visualisation

To most people, there’s little as visually drab or boring as a graph, flow chart or spreadsheet data. To get attention at presentation level, you need a high impact solution which grabs the attention of an audience. Redhound Studios can present even the most mundane data in an interesting and professional presentation, with the added advantage of animation showing changes to the data whether as projections, changes or fluctuations.

As animations or still images, we can interpret your data with clarity, and present in stylish, crisp three dimensional detail. The core information will be immediately recognisable, from a simple pie chart to seismic survey data presented in a dynamic professional manner. This is guaranteed to grab the attention of recipients and impart data in a clear and memorable way.

This service has a wide range of uses from showing geographical and geological data to common statistics, usually in the form of graphs, histograms and other associated formats. There are also a host of other illustration types where a high impact visual gets the message across in a more readily absorbed way than numbers, graphs and charts. The applications go much further than mere web and print graphics and can be presented beautifully as premium visuals from PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos or promotional illustration. This service is perfect for showing outstanding levels of professionalism and adding a new dimension to any presentations.