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How does it work? CGI is the best format to show how

Such a common question for any technology but the importance of answering it often overlooked in marketing campaigns. The human condition is one of curiosity and anyone making assumptions that is isn’t will slip up when it comes to engaging potential customers. People like to see the functioning and have some understanding of a device […]

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Ten Years To Get a Beer

Ten years since its foundation Redhound Studios has worked with a vast number of interesting products but now we have finally been asked to produce classic beer advertising images. This is something that excites us not just for the obvious reasons but because it’s expected of every commercial CGI company to have produced at least […]

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Enhancing the Mundane

Without a doubt, there are products that will always be difficult to glamorise but with use of CGI, any product can become eye-catching and interesting however dull it might seem to start with. Images created by Redhound Studios are clean, crisp and appealing and can make any product really stand out. The possibilities are endless […]

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Hot Design for the (Late) Summer

Designed by Redhound Studios for a private investor, this gizmo could make a real difference to anyone who’s water supply is metered. It measures the amount of water used and can be programmed switch on and off at preset times or to a specific volume of water. After which it will bleep intermittently to let […]

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CGI Versus Traditional Photography for Product Images

Traditional Photography Boxed products come in a variety shapes and sizes and many companies have an extensive catalogue of products all of which require  photography for marketing and advertising. Known as the “product shot” photography is the traditional and acceptable method of producing these images, but it can be slow, expensive and painstaking with no […]

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