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CGI Advertising Shots – Optibac Packaging

These visualisations were created for Wrenlabs to market their Optibac range of probiotics. The entire range is extensive and includes variant images showing blister packs, sachets, tubs and individual capsules. The cost of photography was looking like an expensive nightmare along with the associated problems with consistency across the range.     After a consultation […]

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Creating a new fragrance is a complex business as we recently found out here at Redhound Studios. The contents of this beaker is TM-B/340-77-07-1 . A colourless liquid containing a blend of essential oils, flowers and spices suspended in alcohol. Yes, it is perfume, but it’s not very inspiring when described like this, is it? […]

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Redhound Studios Supporting Boss Cabins in Middle East Market

Working with companies like Boss Cabins, we commonly get involved with the visualisation of fantastic new products targeted at overseas markets. This image shows one of several welfare cabins converted to a mobile police unit complete with processing office, TETRA radio terminal, air-conditioning, a discrete and secure firearms cabinet, generator, toilet facilities and a holding […]

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Charity Fund Raising – The Cream Cracker Challenge

In days gone by, fund raising took the form of ‘bring and buy’ sales, cake baking, coffee mornings and the like. All very well for people with that kind of time on their hands. Fund raising these days can often take the form of physical challenge like running a certain distance, hurling yourself out of […]

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Working with Portakabin

When a company like Portakabin need to market a new product, you can bet they want the best people they can get to help them. That’s just what happened when Portakabin approached Redhound Studios to create cutaways to show their Konstructa range of building modules. The image shows a cutaway of a 4×2 configuration and […]

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Tempus Fugit

Recently, we were contacted with a brief to model a range of watches for Swiss Designers Haus Füssli. The brief was to show variants with three different motifs and accents for six designs. Additionally, for each design there were to be three variants; Scuba with a dive time bezel, Aviator with a time zone bezel […]

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