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Alan Ward Consulting

“AWC were involved in the launch of a new and dynamic range of desk products for Bisley, a leading manufacturer of office furniture in the UK. Where the designs had been completed in CAD, the prototypes were not going to be available to create photographic brochure work in time for the product launch. The only way we could make this work would be through the use of CGI. After an innitial consultation, I engaged Redhound Studios to produce photo-real images, building 3D models from the CAD data and creating neutral environments to display in the catalogue images.

The results exceeded our expectations. Redhound also showed a lot of flexibility and great communications as the designs underwent several modifications. We were informed of progress on a daily basis, backed up wih images and test renders throughout the process. This allowed us make decisions about lighting and composition as the work progressed, putting us firmly in the driving seat when it came to the overall look of the final images.

The high quality images certainly made a huge difference to the success of the project, lending as much depth to the brochures as a photo would among the flat illustrations and product lists.”