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Product Visualisation

From cars to cosmetics to household products, we can prepare photorealistic CGI for web and print. We use state-of-the-art lighting solutions, as well as text compositing and VFX.

Visualising a product in photo-realism is one of our most popular services for current or proposed products. This has many values for clients, and is a powerful tool for taking an idea from concept to photorealistic reality quickly. It skips the usual prototyping, tooling and mass manufacture stages, and is  very cost effective as the same images can be used for advertising.

For existing products, we can work to CAD data, photos or drawings to create a virtual model of your product. We create photoreal images in virtual studio-lit environments suitable for advertising, print and web.

For proposed products, Redhound Studios can provide photorealistic imagery of the finished product. This can be done simply from the kernel of an idea or ‘sketch on an envelope’. Many companies have benefitted from our experience in developing their concepts before creating the finished product.

Studio Product CGI

The biggest advantage is that they are able to present a concept to directors, investors, focus groups, suppliers, retailers and consumers without the finished article. All parties will be able to see what a product will look like ‘out of the box’. They can see how it functions without it physically existing, other than as photorealistic images created from a virtual 3D model.

Requiring no physical prototypes, commitment to mass production or even finalised designs, clients have the flexibility through visualisation to explore new concepts and research a product’s viability. All without the financial risk of full production, just a nominal outlay for the CGI visualisation.

Automated Refrigeration Unit CGI
Product CGI