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Most products benefit from Motion Graphics, and animation can tell a story quicker than speech. Animated content brings products to life and goes way beyond a single static image. Whether a surgical procedure, a camera orbit around a product, working parts in motion or a virtual tour of a building, we can produce almost anything with our creativity and animation expertise.

In projects where CGI assets have already been created for still images, movies are only one cost-effective step away, making a full marketing campaign a reality without the drama of increased costs.

Where motion is to be the major focus, we produce ‘animatics’ which are low detail, quick movies to show proposed movement and animation timings. This is an important tool allowing customers to see the pace of movement and relate it to existing audio prior to committing to creating the finished sequence.

Just about anything can be achieved and the only limit is the imagination. If you have ideas but no experience in the production of animation, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We will help you understand what is possible and the explain the process necessary making suggestions along the way to complement and enhance your vision.

Some customers prefer us to drive the process trusting our skills, relying on our creativity and experience. This frees up their time and we report periodically to update them. Others like to have intimate involvement in the process and remain in the driving seat, investing far more time directing the project to their specific needs. Whatever your choice and however you want to conduct the work, Redhound has the flexibility to support you.

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