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Redhound Studios Supporting Boss Cabins in Middle East Market

Working with companies like Boss Cabins, we commonly get involved with the visualisation of fantastic new products targeted at overseas markets.

This image shows one of several welfare cabins converted to a mobile police unit complete with processing office, TETRA radio terminal, air-conditioning, a discrete and secure firearms cabinet, generator, toilet facilities and a holding cell, all housed within a single 24-foot mobile unit. The self-contained unit is towed into position with nothing heavier than a domestic SUV. Via an integrated hydraulic system, the unit is deployed to the ground hiding the running gear and underside, leaving it practically invulnerable to anything including small arms fire.

Boss Cabins are hoping to sell a number of these across the Middle East and are set to develop new variants of their market leading welfare units with sights on emergency services and light military support at home and abroad.

Boss Cabins have us at Redhound on standby as these visualisations are usually needed very rapidly.  We are very happy to assist them as their business grows from a UK market leader to International supplier.

If you have faith in your product, you really want to give it the best possible chance of success. CGI is the most effective way of showing any product in its best light so go on. Call us on: 01704 571371 and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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