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Creating a new fragrance is a complex business as we recently found out here at Redhound Studios.

The contents of this beaker is TM-B/340-77-07-1 . A colourless liquid containing a blend of essential oils, flowers and spices suspended in alcohol. Yes, it is perfume, but it’s not very inspiring when described like this, is it?


The designated work-in-progress name was ‘Seven of Hearts’ which is an improvement from having to remember fragrances by their blend title, as you can see, it’s basically a code. Ordinarily, the product goes to the next stage with internal staff and focus groups for evaluation, but our client wanted to try out something new. Pre-production images were used so that those taking part could identify with it beyond the code name and establish a basis for a new brand.



They say that before eating you taste with your eyes, the same is true of a fragrance, so presentation is vitally important and product shots for glossy magazines are essential to the success of any new retail product. Taking the initial name and a 1-page brief from the client, Redhound Studios created these images within 24 hours costing less than £500. Although this is by no means the finalised packaging, because of our work they now have a solid baseline for further development before manufacture and launch. Happily, we are involved in the process from this point onwards.



The clients were very impressed with our presentation images, the cost and the turnaround time on the project. They have now rolled this out as a standard part of their product development pipeline and have engaged us for a further series of products going into 2019.


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Thanks to Beverly De Lion for her generosity in allowing us to use the images in this blog.