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Going Green Costs 10% Less at Redhound

Here at Redhound Studios we do our bit for the environment. We run a paper free office and recycle all of our office waste but it’s easy for a company like us. Our day-to-day activity is entirely digital and our raw materials are electricity, human skills and talent, but we want to be more proactive so we are now putting our money where our mouth is with a 10% discount.

When you are trying to make the right decision for the future of our planet, it’s very often the expensive option. Key terms like Energy Efficient, Renewable, Eco, Sustainable, recyclable, low-carbon, green and so on, generally lead to a solution less cost effective and this is a proposition which goes against the instincts of anyone in business.

To prove our commitment and to encourage and improve the success of UK based environmental innovation, Redhound Studios will give a no quibble 10% discount to any company engaging our services when promoting a demonstrable and genuinely green commercial product.

This includes the whole of our CGI production process from admin, data interpretation, modelling, lighting, texturing and rendering of still images as well as animation and post effects of movies.

Yes, everything, 10% off our entire fee.

This not only covers tangible objects like wind turbines and solar panels but extends to any commercial system demonstrating reductions in requirements of raw materials, fossil fuels, energy or promotes sustainability.

This is not a gimmick or publicity stunt and the more cynical among you need to consider that there are many companies on the ‘Eco Bandwagon’ with all sorts of false promotions in the name of publicity rather than genuine concern. But, do you know of any company who will support ecology by a genuine commitment affecting their bottom line?

This is our way of giving a something back and showing our commitment to the planet while promoting UK businesses focussed on a sustainable future.

If you have a green product, we will help you.

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