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CGI Sceptic?

Lets face it, we all know the power of CGI but who is taking advantage of what it can offer?

Using CGI is not limited to your specific product or service, the sky’s the limit. Anything imaginable from mundane to out of this World is all achievable with CGI.

This fake UFO image only took a few hours to produce but it did get your attention, didn’t it?



We created it for a Swiss company to promote their holiday rentals business.  The location is in an alleged hot spot area for UFO sightings. To theme the work we deliberately made it fuzzy and low quality looking like an authentic amateur UFO photo.

Achieving higher sales using images and animation doesn’t have to center around your product. Any device or cliché that grabs attention can lead to sales and does not have to cost the Earth when created in CGI.

Belief in your product is all you need when you make first contact with us, we promise a very positive close encounter with us in making your fantasy a reality.

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